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Mimers brunn Translator tools
This is the home of the Mimers brunn project.
The projects name is taken from Nordic mythology. Mimer is the name of a giant who is the proprietor of a well (brunn in swedish) containing wisdom, Mimers brunn translates to 'the well of Mimer' or 'Mimer's well' in English.
I'm working on earning my masters degree in Computational Linguistics which may explain my interest in the area of l10n - localization and i18n - internationalization.
Enabling everyone to be able to communicate in their own language with people as well as machines is something that I consider a good cause and this is my own small contribution to that cause.
There are great efforts being made at the Free Translation Project where a lot of people work at making computers more available to everyone by donating their translation work.

The project

The aim of this project is to develop tools for translators of software. And also some tools helping in the i18n work in the Tcl language. This project is divided into several parts and most of thoose parts are only in the planning stages. I'll present the main ideas here for anyone that is interested, and of course information about the parts that I have started work on.
Mimers brunn T(ranslation)M(emory) alpha
Latest release 1.0.0a - 23 feb 2002 Small implementation with Metakit4tcl as database. A rough GUI implementing some basic search abilities. See Mimers brunn TM for more information about downloading etc. You can also find a couple of *screenshots* there.
ICU-data beta
This module contains message cataloges for all locales that have data in ICU. This means names of months and days of the week, and also names of languages and countries. This data have been automatically extracted from the ICU sourcefiles, and converted to utf-8.
A small utility to view the data is included, Look at some screenshots, as well as all the msgcat-format files. Any corrections and additions are best presented directly to ICU since this data is based on their files. Version 1.0.0 can now be downloaded.
If you don't have TclTk installed on your machine you can download a selfcontained executable with the demonstration, win32 only.Windows-32 executable.
The message cataloges can of course be used with the msgcat-package in Tcl.
The msgcat-x (msgcat extractor) utilities alpha
Latest release 1.1.0a2 - 27 feb 2002
Extractor parser totally rewritten.
-- Extract_Msgcat Automatically extracts msgcat-strings from Tcl/Tk source, creating some automatic comments.
-- MsgcatToPo Automatically converts msgcat-format files created with Extract_MsgCat to po-format.
-- PoToMsgcat When you are done translating the po-file you convert it back to msgcat-format with.
-- PoToTMX Create a Translation Memory from your po-files. The resulting file complies with TMX-format 1.3. It can be imported into Mimers brunn TM, and most commercial systems.
dTT (date time translation) alpha
Basic datetime translations and msgcat support for date strings as produced by the clock-command.
Latest release 1.0 - 20 feb 2002 - About the module
Internationalized [incr]widgets datefield. Added an option to chooce dateformat. Download the latest version
Working on a parser to convert data from the ICU-project to ues in this package. Should appear here soon!
Tcl encoding names
- Complete list of Tcl encoding names as mapped to IANA:s list of official character sets.
Mailinglist for TclTk msgcat, i18n, l10n etc. just started
Mailinglist for general and specific discussion about internationalization, localization and related issues as they apply to TclTk with extensions.
- Subscribe, unsubscribe, etc.
- Archives
Group information
- Group page at sourceforge
- CVS repository
- Released files
- Public mailing lists
Gettext and the po-format
- Getting gettext
- Online manual
- some editors that support po-format, available for both unix/linux and windows gnu Emacs (my editor of choice), poedit
Tcl msgcat
- Tcl msgcat library in Tcl 8.4
- How to use Tcl 8.1 internationalization features
- Localization project for Tcl/Tk 8.4

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