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Mimers brunn TM 1.0.0a

A basic look-up implementation is now available in a pre-alpha state. The pre-alpha has more to do with features then stability.
Getting on with the presentation, below are a couple of screenshots. First one running in Swedish, second running in English.

So what can it do?

Look up strings in the translation memory, using simple glob techniques. Of course it can look up strings in any language that is a part of the TM, and it has a multilingual interface, English and Swedish.

That's all?

Of course not. It can automatically import a translation memory in TMX-format into it's database. TMX stands for Translation Memory eXchange and is a standard for export and import of TM-data It is in fact an XML-file, plain text, encoded in Unicode (utf-8 is what I use). More information can be found at The home of TMX.

Where do I get some TMX-data?

You could buy it I guess, otherwise, if you have access to a collection of po-files you can automatically create the TMX-file from them. The examples on the screenshot and the smaller example TMX-file that is in CVS was automatically created using some po-files from the Swedish corner of the Free Translation Project. It has 13.333 entries, and the plain text file is about 5.619 KB, the database created from that file is 3.761 KB. The file in cvs has only 2.000 entries. All the translations in it is copyrighted by the Free Software Foundation as part of The Free Translation Project.

How do I get started?

I'm running the demo application and it does work quite well. I'm running under win2k but there shouldn't be any problem to run it under any OS that Tcl and Metakit runs on. That includes different varieties of MS Windows and unix/linux to mention a few. Look at the links below for more information about your specifics.
You will need (there is nothing that needs to be compiled so there shouldn't be any problems installing):
- Tcl/Tk 8.3 (or newer)
- TclX 8.3 (or newer)
Get thoose at the Tcl/Tk Developer Exchange
- [Incr Tcl/Tk] and [Incr widgets]
- Metakit4tcl
And of course...
- The msgcat-x utilities includes the PoToTMX converter if you want to create your own translation memory. It can be downloaded from here.
- The Mimers brunn TM 1.0.0a release It includes a small datafile of English and Swedish translations from the Free Translation Project, containing 1000 entries. The file pofilesmall.db should be totally platform independent as far as to thoose platforms that Metakit run on. I havn't actually tried it myself so if you run it on another platform I would be interested about how it works. The file CollectedPofilesSmall.tmx is utf-8 plain text xml-tmx file.

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